Fall 2012 Season Preview

Oh crap Satchii what are you doing? The new season starts this week and you haven’t even STARTED a preview yet! You have a blog now, remember?

Ummm…. Quickly! Watch all the PVs and post a chart say a couple sentences about them before the season starts! Go Go Go Go!

Here, have a chart for reference.

Kyousougiga already aired and I already saw the first episode. It made a lot more sense than the previous ONA, and it leaves me hoping that they can make the story a bit more coherent with more time to flesh it out. I still wish we could get a non-streaming release, though – it’s really doing a number on the animation.

The PVs for From the New World are sending mixed messages, but they seem to be getting less into the happy-happy boring school bits and more into the fantasy-world bits as more have been released, so I’ll stay hesitantly optimistic. If nothing else, though, it sounds like it’ll have a killer soundtrack. This came out like, today, didn’t it?

The Monster Next Door looks sufficiently goofy. It seems to have its comedic timing down well-enough, though it can be tough to tell how comedies will go down before they happen. It’s got Brain’s Base behind it, so it has that going for it.

The only thing that really stood out about Kamisama Kiss was the extra-thick lines around the eyes and the lips, which I didn’t really like. Actually, pretty much everything about this series visually (which is all we have at the moment) rubs me the wrong way.

Litchee Light Club has a terrifying first manga chapter, but I’ve heard rumors that the adaptation will be a series of shorts that might or might not be faithful to the source? If it’s like the manga, I hope it uses its exploitation well. If it’s not, then… well… I got nothing. I guess I can hope it turns out like Detroit Metal City.

I’ll keep watching Jormungand because the first season eventually got kinda good toward the end. It was still one of the weaker shows of the spring season, but I’m still game for more, even if it’s not at the top of my list.

As expected, The New KyoAni Show About Adolescent Fantasies or Something looks gorgeous, but I’m not sure if it’s something I’d like. KyoAni tends to give great animation to shows I find pretty mediocre, though apparently Hyouka got better after I dropped it so I may have to give that another chance. As usual, I’ll have to at least give it a shot just because it’s KyoAni and I can’t learn from mistakes.

I’ve been wanting to give Hayate the Combat Butler another chance for a short while now, and this anime original reboot gives me the perfect opportunity. Not sure I’m a fan of what they’ve done to the character designs, but I’ll live. Not sure how long I’ll be sticking with it anyway.

I’d love to watch More Gintama, but I’m still barely 10% through the first series.

BTOOOM! edges out that KyoAni show and the obligatory tongue-twister incest show for stupidest title of the season. I guess the director has done episodes of some decent things. What’s unfortunate is that the PV reminds me of a cross between Highschool of the Dead and Sword Art Online, but I’ve survived those so far, and this does look ever so slightly better than both of them. But man, I just can’t get over that title.

Hidamari Sketch was never really my thing, but I can see why people love it, so good for them that Shinbou loves it, too.

I watched the Moon Angel ONA of Busou Shinki and was less than impressed, and that was done by Studio Not-Quite-BONES and the guy who did every Naoki Urasawa anime except Yawara. This one is from the team that brought you Infinite Stratos (though the director also somehow did Legend of Black Heaven). I… can’t really see them succeeding where the ONA failed.

Zetsuen no Tempest has an awesome tagline – “The Civilization Breaker” – and it’s being done by BONES and the man behind Sword of the Stranger, so judging by that and the trailer, it should look quite nice. It seems vaguely post-apocalyptic and apparently pays tribute to Shakespeare, which, combined with the character designs, sets off mental connections to No. 6. Hopefully, those butterflies in the trailer won’t be to this show what bees were to No. 6. I’m also digging the soundtrack for this one.

K is a mystery from its staff to its premise to its trailer right down to its enigmatic title (which makes it impossible to search for anywhere). It… umm… has pretty boys? I guess? I think I’ll just go in blind to this one and see what happens.

Oh Look, It’s Another Incest Show With A Long Title About Maybe Liking My Brother/Sister But Not Really Because That Would Be Icky. I suppose I should be glad that it’s taken this long to get to an anime whose PV dedicates its first thirty seconds to watching the characters’ boobs bounce.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is using Roundabout for the ED and it’s such a perfect match that I don’t care if the rest of the show sucks I’m still going to watch it anyway for that reason alone. It doesn’t look too terrible, though – even if the animation is a bit rough, the voices still sound good, and all they really need to do animation-wise is get the poses right anyway. This arc is sadly as far as I’ve gotten in reading JoJo so maybe this will be able to shame me into reading more.

I have not seen any of To-Love-Ru, nor will I ever if I have my way.

I dropped Boringman early in season one. No reason to pick it up again now.

I’m going to watch Little Busters because it’s Key and Key is my arch-nemesis so I can’t back down from this challenge without a fight.

Say I Love You looks to be pretty typical shoujo and therefore not my thing at all, but the director has done some competent stuff so I might give it a try.

The fact that Code:Breaker is a shounen-looking series from Studio Not-Quite-BONES and the director of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is enough reason for me to give it a look, but there’s not much else for me to go on.

Magi certainly has the potential to be an excellent shounen series. It also has the potential to suck, but I’d prefer not to think about that. It has an interesting premise with the whole Arabian Nights thing and the animation looks pretty good. We’ll see where it goes from there.

Teekyu doesn’t have a trailer, so all I have to go on is that little blurb, which says that they spend most of their time not playing tennis. This worries me. I’m guessing it’ll probably be like that Soft Tennis show we had a while back, only without the Lazy-Sensei there to make it tolerable for an episode. MAPPA, where did you go wrong?

Ixion Saga DT, to be frank, looks pretty boring.

Aikatsu is based on a card game about idols and has terrifying CG dancing. Thanks, but no thanks.

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou seems like one of those “light” high school romantic comedies that put me straight to sleep. I’ll probably end up watching an episode anyway.

I’m sorry, Girls Und Panzer, but you need less Girls and more Panzer. If this was Panzer Und Girls, maybe I’d give it a look.

Yes, I hear that Meduka Box actually started getting decent. No, I’m not going to wade through the crap first season just to get there. That’s reserved for special shows like Clannad, which has my arch-nemesis-ship with Key to back it up.

Psycho-Pass has been kept pretty tightly under wraps. It’s taking two cours on noitaminA and has Gen Urobuchi involved, though, so I’m definitely interested and I just hope it doesn’t turn into Guilty Crown 2.

Robotics;Notes is somehow tangentially related to Steins;Gate, and also on noitaminA. I guess that means I’m somewhat obligated to watch it, huh? The trailers don’t look to promising, but I’ll bank my hopes on those other two things.

I dropped the first Seitokai no Ichizon early on. If I recall, it wasn’t terrible, but it seemed to think references were the only type of humor and that got old pretty fast.

Hiiro no Reverse Harem, like To-Love-Ru, is a sequel to a show I hope I will never see.

That Initial D thing is supposed to be pretty popular. Guess I’m just not cool enough to watch it.

I won’t bother writing more than this about All Those Shows About Tops or Marbles or Whatever.

In terms of OVAs, I’ll be checking out the ones for Eureka AO, Sankarea, and Code Geass. Because those are the shows I’ve actually seen. Also probably that Devander thing, just because.

There’s no point talking about the movies because we won’t actually see them for a year anyway.

In all, the “looks watchable”-to-“kill it with fire” ratio is surprisingly high this season, and while none of the shows look like the standout hits that spring had, there are certainly a lot of solid-looking titles. Being new to this whole blogging thing, I’m not entirely sure what I plan to write about or how I plan to write about it, especially in terms of first episodes, but I guess I’ll figure it out as I go.

Really, all I want out of this season is to hear Roundabout at the end of every episode of JoJo and I’ll be happy.

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