12 Days of Anime 2012, Day 13: My Waifu Grows Up


This is my first entry in the 12 Days of Anime holiday blogging tradition, where anime bloggers write about their twelve favorite moments of anime from the preceding year in the 12 days before Christmas. I’m cheating by starting a day early because screw the rules I’m such a rebel and because this entry isn’t technically even a moment in anime SO IT DOESN’T COUNT, OKAY.

Whoa, sorry. Lapsed into 13-year-old-girl mode for a second there. That’s probably because the subject of this post is The Legend of Korra. There is no work in any medium that I have ever consumed that can transform me into a 13-year-old girl as ruthlessly and efficiently as its predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender (about which I coincidentally wrote a post earlier this week). There is something about Avatar and its characters that puts me into such a state of giddy glee that my mental faculties regress in years and swap genders under the strain.

Even among such a formidable sea of characters, there is one that stands out from the crowd, a character for whom my one-sided infatuation is so strong that it crosses back over my brain’s self-induced gender confusion and sets my icy heart ablaze. With all my disinterest in everything the waifu craze has ever stood for, if I had to pick one character to be my very own cartoon waifu, this character – more than any character in any actual anime – would be my no-hesitation, hands-down, number one pick. That character, if you haven’t guessed by the massive picture atop this post, is none other than Uncle Iroh Toph Beifong.

Never before has so beautiful a tea party ever been held.

Never before has so beautiful a tea party ever been held.

Watching the Legend of Korra this year gave me somewhat mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was enjoying myself. The show had a solid story, great animation and music, and I liked how it really dug into several of the elements I loved about the world first series. As a companion piece to the original, it’s pretty darn good. But on the other hand, I never came even close to the highs I got while watching, and rewatching, and rewatching, and rewatching Avatar. I was starting to wonder if maybe I’d grown out of the franchise – if maybe the 13-year-old girl within me was no more. Until suddenly, episode 9 came along. And this happened.

Even after all these years, she still calls him Twinkletoes.

Even after all these years, she still calls him Twinkletoes.

My heart exploded.

(screencaps of Avatar seasons 2-3 taken from dongbufeng.net’s glorious archive)

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4 Responses to 12 Days of Anime 2012, Day 13: My Waifu Grows Up

  1. joshspeagle says:

    Toph is by far my favorite female character in the series as well (although I could go gar for Uncle Iroh!). Korra and Asami, although cool (sometimes), can’t even compare. On the LoK note, any favorite shippings? ;)

    I’m curious – did you end up reading any of the companion books (e.g. Lost Adventures, The Promise) to the series?

    • BokuSatchii says:

      Toph is the greatest. I remember being worried when they were going to introduce a new character in season 2 that it would ruin the group dynamic that made the show so great. After about my fifth time in one day watching The Blind Bandit, I was never so glad to be so wrong.

      I think that the characters were my biggest problem with LoK in general, and the biggest thing holding it back from delivering the magic that TLA had in spades. They were good characters, and in any other circumstances I would have been thoroughly pleased, but they were cursed in that the act they had to follow was the cast of TLA, which is perhaps my favorite cast of characters in any medium. Bolin was no Sokka, but he could consistently deliver the laughs, and by the end I really came to like Amon and Tarrlok – those three were probably my favorites.

      I was never really much of a shipper with Avatar, to be honest, and with less time to build up chemistry between the characters, I was even less so with LoK. Now that Korra is confirmed for three more seasons (YESSSSS), I’m hoping they’ll be able to spread things out more and maybe weave the romance subplots in better with the rest of the story. With more time to flesh out the characters, maybe that chemistry will increase like it did over time with TLA.

      I have purchased but not yet read The Lost Adventures. The Promise was excellent, though. It felt like a natural continuation of the series and managed to keep most of the things I liked about it thoroughly intact. I’m really looking forward to the follow-up comic series about Zuko’s mother. If it’s anywhere near comparable in quality (and actually manages to resolve the issue of Zuko’s mother, obviously), it’ll be a real treat. As a side note, I wonder if these comics will ever get animated as a miniseries or something. I’d certainly watch it.

      • joshspeagle says:

        I also loved the Amon-Tarrlok dynamic – it was probably my favorite thing about the show, and the part I felt they did best. Besides all the flashback scenes – those made me squeal every time!

        Wow! I had no idea they’d gotten 3 more seasons confirmed – I’m with you on hoping the extra episodes will lend themselves to a much better show.

        That would actually be a cool series of specials! I think Nickolodean should consider it – I think the response would be quite positive, and they could easily air it as placeholder in-between seasons sometime.

      • BokuSatchii says:

        Season 2 has been in the works for a while, but 3 and 4 were just announced this summer. I am pretty stoked.

        Especially if they bring some resolution to the whole “Zuko’s mother” thing, I’m sure fans would be rushing to watch that miniseries in droves. I’m pretty sure that was everyone’s number one complaint with the finale, and not many people know about the comic. Though even if it was just The Promise, I’d be quite pleased, because I’ll take any excuse to see these characters in action again.

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