Happy Blogoversary!

congratulationsWell, it’s been a year since I gave in to the overwhelming loneliness and started a blog as a much-needed outlet for my anime habit. I think it’s time for a quick post in celebration!

I’ll admit, between being kinda swamped with real life and getting back into the whole “watching anime with friends” business, I’ve been posting a lot less as of late. I never intended to be the most prolific blogger out there, but even so, I’ve only made one post since the end of May. I’m not dead or anything, and neither is this blog – I’m expecting to have at least a few things to say about next season’s shows, I’ve got a Shin Mazinger Z post in the works that I’ve been stuck on for a while that I am determined to get out there once I’m able to make sense of just how awesome that show was, and I’ve got a host of good shows like Akagi slowly coming off the top of the backlog that I expect to be post-worthy as well. Not to mention the Twelve Days thing that I’d like to take part in again as well. I doubt I’ll be posting as often as I did last year, but I’ll still be here, so keep your eyes open!

This year of blogging has been a lot of fun as a whole – it’s helped me to look at shows in a different light, introduced me to some awesome people in the aniblogosphere, and really rekindled my love of the medium in the process. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my posts as much I’ve enjoyed writing them!

I said I’d keep this quick, and I’m not a big fan of meta-posts like this since they’re so content-free (I mean, I’ve said basically nothing except “hey, I still exist!”), so I’ll cut this off here. Thanks for a fun and cartoon-filled year, and let’s look forward to the next one!

Edit: I just realized knew all along that this also happens to have been my 50th post! What a wonderful coincidence I totally planned it that way!


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1 Response to Happy Blogoversary!

  1. joshspeagle says:

    Looking forward to reading more stuff soon! Congratulations on surviving this long yo ;)

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