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A Quick Look at the Madoka Movies Before I Go to Sleep

So I just got home from seeing the first two Madoka Magica movies tonight. I know I’m about a year late to this party but the theater near me had a reshowing in preparation for the third movie coming out … Continue reading

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Podcast: Dropped Fall Series and Studio Gonzo

I was in a podcast! Had a lot of fun as a guest on Deadlight’s Seasonal Anime Podcast, along with Juno, psgels, Flawfinder, Slashe, and Landon. We talked about fall season shows that started out strong and fizzled out, and … Continue reading

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Ace of the Diamond 6: Pitching to the Outfield

I seem to be somewhat lonely in the aniblogosphere in that I’ve been enjoying Ace of Diamond a lot so far (or really, in that I’m even watching it at all). It’s a rock-solid old-fashioned shounen sports series; it knows … Continue reading

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