12 Days of Anime 2013: An Introduction

piercing the heavens with his nipplesStarting today, I will once again be partaking in the annual aniblog tradition: Twelve Days of Anime. In a nutshell, the idea is to write about 12 moments in anime (or related to anime) that you experienced this year that you feel deserve to be included in some kind of end-of-year list for whatever reason. Was it something really good, really bad, really inspiring, really shocking, really important, really silly, or even just something you really want to write about? It’s a candidate for The List.

It’s always really hard to narrow down these moments, because so many things happen during the year that are so equally deserving of Twelve Days posts. In part because I’m too lazy to consider my choice more carefully, and in part because I feel bad leaving them out, here are some honorable mentions that, while they didn’t make the cut for whatever reason, I still want to shout out to:

  • I’ve already written just about all I have to say about the One Breathless Moment from Space Bros earlier this year, so I decided to leave it out to open up the floor for new topics.
  • Same goes for Aiura Episode 1. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gone back to enjoy it, but I’ve got very little to say about it that I haven’t already (and it’s surprisingly found its way into my top 5 most-viewed posts!).
  • Hunter x Hunter is a show that has been so consistently good for so long that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to zero in on any one moment that’s truly special relative to the others. Searching through a year’s worth of Hunters, however enticing the idea of a rewatch may be, is a bit too demanding for my current time crunch, and since it already made the list last year, I’m less inclined to bump off a new show in its place. I’m sure Shinmaru over at The Cart Driver‘s got me covered with at least one (probably Hisoka’s chiseled butt), but I felt it necessary to report that, with everything from JoJo Biscuit to Kite-ro Bajeena to Ants Vs Spiders to Moe-Moe Octobros, Hunters is still laughing in the face of 90% of the shows this year in terms of being awesome, even if it’s not represented in this list.
  • I will be very surprised if GUILLOTINE GORILLA from Samurai Flamenco does not show up on a huge number of these lists, so I feel I can safely exclude it from my own.
  • Akagi is a series that shines more in its overall execution than in any particular scene. It’s one of the best shows I watched this year, though, so I’d like to give it a mention here.
  • The episode of Carnival Phantasm where Berserker goes shopping is gut-splittingly hilarious proof that Seiji Kishi needs to go back to directing comedy. I would’ve put this on the list if I hadn’t already seen it about five times (just as funny each time) before finally watching the Carnival in its entirety this year.
  • Just a little reminder that some noble soul translated four magnificent episodes of Musashi Gundoh before disappearing off the face of the earth.
  • As fantastic as Pirate Asuka, Hideaki Anno doing his best to piss off as many people as possible all at once, and Shinji and Kaworu gaying the piano were, I regretfully had to make a cut somewhere, and Eva 3.33 just missed it.
  • I’m so glad that I was finally persuaded, after hearing its praises sung from all sides, to watch Milky Holmes. This was the last cut I made from the list, and also the hardest to let go. To make up for this travesty, please enjoy the picture of Twenty’s nipples that lovingly adorns the top of this post.

I’ve also got something really special planned out for my 12 Days posts this year – a FULL SECOND SET OF POSTS entitled “12 Days of HOTBLOOD”! Is this an excuse to be even more indecisive with my list? You bet it is! Is it an awesome excuse? You bet it is! But I’m going to leave the actual nature of the posts as a surprise for a little bit.

For now, though, LET’S DO THIS THING!


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