12 Days of Anime 2013, Day 12: The Face of Perfection

makoface (31)If you haven’t yet started watching Kill la Kill, I think this post should be enough to convince you to drop everything and start it RIGHT NOW.

Usually these 12 Days posts are meant to be about some moment in anime that was particularly special. Something that happened. I’m going to do something a little different this time and instead dedicate one of these twelve days to a character.

In other words, I’m going to use this post as an excuse to imagedump a whole bunch of Mako faces.

Our first meeting:

makoface (1)A delightful classroom experience:

makoface (2)

Mako, now in portable form:

makoface (3)

Mako tries her hand at a classic moe trope:

makoface (4)

Mako feels no pain:

makoface (5)

The first of Mako’s many charismatic speeches, truly a sight to behold:

makoface (6) makoface (7)

Please don’t wake the Mako:

makoface (8)

Such a loving friend:

makoface (9)

Mako WILL NOT STAND for ANYONE talking down to Ryuko:

makoface (10) makoface (11) makoface (12) makoface (13) makoface (14)

Mako shows off what she’s got:

makoface (15)

She’s learned to multiply – the world may not be able to handle this:

makoface (16)

This is why you don’t wake the Mako:

makoface (17)

Mako’s quantum morning routine:

makoface (18)

Mako and the power of festive pajamas:

makoface (19)

What a cheesy face:

makoface (20)

The cutest of machine-gun operators:

makoface (21)

Bestest friends forever:

makoface (22)

Mako has the best impression of Ryuko’s outfit:

makoface (23) makoface (24)

Oh goodness, those hands and that face – so perfect:

makoface (25)

She’s always wanted a ride in one of these:

makoface (26)

Another of Mako’s most persuasive speeches:

makoface (27)

Mako may not have gotten much screentime in episode 6, but she certainly made the most of it:

makoface (28)

That sudden reversal of expression:

makoface (29) makoface (30)

Mako’s “LET’S DO THIS” face:

makoface (31)

Oh goodness my heart is melting:

makoface (32) makoface (33) makoface (34) makoface (35)

The potential of glasses is truly terrifying:

makoface (36) makoface (37) makoface (38)

Business Professional Mako, at your service:

makoface (39)

Absolutely the greatest:

makoface (40) makoface (41) makoface (42) makoface (43) makoface (44) makoface (45) makoface (46) makoface (47) makoface (48)

You know you’re truly evil when you can make Mako cry:

makoface (49) makoface (50)

Redline-ing it up:

makoface (51) makoface (52) makoface (53)

Even frozen in time, she’s still adorable:

makoface (54) makoface (55)

Mako is a spectator extraordinaire:

makoface (56) makoface (57) makoface (58) makoface (59)


makoface (60)

Rocking out to the music:

makoface (61) makoface (62) makoface (63)

Mako riding on Gamagoori’s shoulders was just the cutest:

makoface (64)

He wasn’t too happy with it, though:

makoface (65) makoface (66)

Mako the one-man band:

makoface (67)

Such perfection:

makoface (68)


makoface (69)

Mako’s had enough of your crap:

makoface (70)

I love this show so much.

(Fun Fact: I gathered over 170 Makofaces for this endeavor before I narrowed it down to just 70. I can think of no better use of three hours than digging up and sifting through 170 Makofaces.)


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12 Responses to 12 Days of Anime 2013, Day 12: The Face of Perfection

  1. 123 says:

    I can safely say this has been my favourite day 12 post. MAKOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  2. God bless you for making the best compilation of Mako screencaps to date. I’ll know where to go when I need a fix of Mako to make my life better.

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  4. shytende says:

    I will archive this post, so I can look at it if I ever feel gloomy again.
    Nothing could make me happier !

  5. Overlord-G says:

    I would like to thank you for convincing me to continue this retro masterpiece of insane proportions with a most lovable dynamic duo of Ryuuko and Mako. Mako does indeed have the face of perfection. Such a hyperactive and adorable angel.

    • BokuSatchii says:

      They really do make a great duo. Ryuuko’s got brawn enough for the both of them, but on her own she’s unstable – and there’s no better friend to have than Mako to give her the support she needs at any cartoonishly ridiculous cost.

      • Overlord-G says:

        If you visited my site at least once, you know how I see their relationship…
        Anyhoo, Mako sure is a girl with many superpowers. It’s all thanks to the cartoon blood flowing through her veins. This anime makes me feel like a kid again. I am not joking.

      • BokuSatchii says:

        I could tell quite quickly how you see them, but it did take a good bit of scrolling to find a post mentioning it explicitly.

        This show is a testament to old-style kids’ fightan shows in the same way that Gurren Lagann was a testament to classic super robot. It’s basically a kids’ show for adults, which is no small part of why it’s so much fun to watch.

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