12 Days of HOTBLOOD 2013, Day 11: Taking Off Like a Rocket Punch

mazinger zJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is not the only fine specimen of HOTBLOOD I experienced this year. That is an honor shared with a show by the name of Shin Mazinger: Shougeki! Z-hen On Television, a reimagining of Go Nagai’s classic Mazinger Z helmed by super robot auteur Yasuhiro Imagawa himself. The other half of my 12 Days of HOTBLOOD series will, thus, be dedicated to none other than Shin Mazinger Z.

kabuto koujiAfter opening with the classic introduction to the original Mazinger Z, Shin Mazinger’s first episode leaps straight into the midst of the final battle before rolling out a full episode’s worth of awe-inspiring moments in what is essentially a fantastically hotblooded clip show of the series to come. Episode 2 kicks off with one of the most fist-pumpingly epic super robot opening themes of all time (ROCK MEEEEEEEEEEE), concludes the Final Battle that episode 1 started, and steps back to the beginning – restarting the series it just ended in a spectacularly-directed episode the likes of which only Imagawa could produce.

the steel castle that soars through the sky

Okay, we’ve got the time-honored super robot setup going on here, albeit an extremely well-done implementation of that setup. That’s all well and great, but now that we have Mazinger on the scene, let’s get on to what makes Mazinger Z what it is. Enter episode 3 – while the narrator gleefully sets the mood, announcing “A POWER CERTAIN TO KILL,” we get


rocket punch (1)


rocket punch (2)


rocket punch (3)


rocket punch (4)


rocket punch (5)


rocket punch (6)

A SEXTUPLE-TAKE of the original, genre-defining Rocket Punch, blasting the head off an enemy robot statue.

Welcome to Shin Mazinger Z.


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