12 Days of HOTBLOOD 2013, Day 10: Time to Oil Up

time to oil up

Time to Oil Up!

JoJo’s committed now. He’s got the ring and everything. There’s no escape at this point; he’s actually got to train in the Ripple for the next month and fight the Pillar Men, so he and Caesar travel to Venice to meet with Caesar’s Ripple coach. The coach in question? Lisa Lisa – a stunning femme fatale playing Jesus in the Venetian canals who thinks not twice about putting JoJo in his place. JoJo’s been a man’s tale so far, but the coach is so hotblooded and so coolheaded that she can strike a fear into the hearts of our heroes that not even a Pillar Man could muster.

lisa lisa, femme fataleif looks could kill

It doesn’t take long before she’s dropped the two of them into a pit of oil and forced them to climb their way out up the 24-meter Hell Climb Pillar. With no tools but their own fingertips to assist them, and every reason to believe that Lisa Lisa really will leave them down there to die, they must hone their Ripple powers to escape. Before they can even hope to defeat the Pillar Men, they must first conquer the Pillar.

intimidating the pillar with jojo poses it's never a bad time to poseconquering the pillar

Caesar reaches the top using the advanced Ripple techniques he’s learned over time, while JoJo employs more of his trademark magician’s tricks. With the Pillar conquered, they are ready to take on the Men.

you've beaten the pillar, now meet the men


Unfortunately, their training is interrupted by a real Pillar Man, as AC/DC quickly sends JoJo’s instructor, Loggins, down the highway to the danger zone, and goes on to challenge JoJo directly to the most HOTBLOODED battle yet (thanks to gedata in the comments for reminding me to include this pun). The fight having begun, he proceeds to show off what is possibly one of the most disgusting powers ever.

eww eww ewwEWW EWW EWW EWW

I mean… he fights using blood vessels coming out of his toenails! Even his outfit is painful to look at – it’s all stuck to his body by way of stitches and nails – the enormous piercings all over his face are nothing in comparison! His specialty is sticking himself full of holes and bleeding boiling blood all over his foes! I just… *shudders*

acdc doesn't remove the pins from his dress shirtsthis strategy is just full of holes

Tricking the Trickster

AC/DC doesn’t win fights solely by grossing out his opponent so much that they vomit themselves to death, though. He’s a fighter in the same vein as JoJo – his spine-tingling power is only one of the mind games he plays with his enemies in combat. His sudden turns of emotion throw JoJo off his guard.

battle cry

He even steals JoJo’s own favorite tricks! Instead of the string of his hat, AC/DC uses his own blood vessels to set up a noose and trap his opponent. In a pure power play, he not only steal’s one of JoJo’s trademark lines – he steals JoJo’s line about stealing lines!

As rattled as he is, JoJo still manages to catch AC/DC in his web by taking his sleight of hand one level further – he knows AC/DC is expecting the classic rope trick, and is even using it against him, so he sets up a decoy – a rope which can safely be cut without breaking the loop. With a ripple through the string, the battle is over.

pillar men can even pose with their arms bound

But JoJo was not the only one to take his trickery to the next level. With one final ploy, every bit as gross-and-gory as the ones that preceded it, AC/DC makes it clear that the fight is not over – and he’s determined to show JoJo who’s really got the best head on his shoulders.

brains over brawn


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2 Responses to 12 Days of HOTBLOOD 2013, Day 10: Time to Oil Up

  1. gedata says:

    12 Days of HOTBLOOD takes quite a literal meaning with the battle against AC/DC huehuehue

    • BokuSatchii says:

      Oh shoot, I even had that on my list of puns to include in this post and I completely forgot to squeeze it in! Great minds think alike.
      (now don’t mind me, I’m just gonna go edit this back into the post somewhere…)

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