A Podcast in Which I Get Excited About Meganebu

Mr. Flawfinder has asked me (along with fellow blogger Lord Reiseng) to be a guest on the first episode of his series of “Anime That Everyone Disagrees With You On” podcast (a topic on which he is very well-suited to speak). Basically, we each picked a show that we dislike that most people like (or at least, a show that we don’t like as much as most people do), and a show that we like that most other people don’t.

This being the first iteration of the show, Flaw is still working on the formula, and as such the podcast was a bit of a mess, but if you want to hear me sing (literally) the praises of Meganebu for about half of its runtime, it is still quite worth it. Other highlights include me doing my best to talk crap about Milky Holmes S2 (but failing because I actually quite like half the season and can’t remember why I didn’t like the second), Flaw and Reiseng reminiscing about Air Master, the lot of us being confused by YuYuShiki, and discussions of Shirobako and Rokujyouma for some more current events.

You can watch the podcast here: https://flawfinder.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/anime-that-everyone-disagrees-with-you-on-podcast-january-2014/

And you can read a more coherent and concise post about how much I like Meganebu (but with less singing) here: https://satchiikoma.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/all-you-neeed-is-m-e-g-a-n-e/


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