Girls’ Last Tour Podcast w/ Third Impact Anime

Weirdly, despite (or maybe because of) it being my favorite anime of the 2010s, I haven’t really spoken much at length about Girls’ Last Tour online. Well, that’s finally changed thanks to my panelist pals over at Third Impact Anime, who were kind enough to invite me onto their podcast to spend about two hours discussing the show (and about 45 minutes discussing other stuff too)! I’ve been a fan of their panels and podcasting work for a while, so it was a real treat to get to talk with them on the show!

I talk with Austin and Andrew about the premise and format of the show, the talented staff and cast behind the series, how we got into it, what stood out about it to us initially and this time around, the significance of the setting and the items they find, what the show has to say about hope and hopelessness, memory and meaning, mono no aware, the strength of the anime’s sound design, anime vs manga, sub vs dub, and more.

Come listen to us talk about The Good Blobs:

You can find the shownotes that they’ve written on their website here:

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