Boku Satchii! Yoroshiku ne!

What is SatchiiKoma Anime Blog?

SatchiiKoma Anime Blog is a blog. About anime. It is founded on the principle that anime is SERIOUS BUSINESS. The name is a portmanteau of Satchii from Dennou Coil and Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell and it symbolizes how robots are cool or something deep like that. And that you should watch both of those shows. They are also the subject of my poorly AWESOMELY made banner image.

SatchiiKoma is largely a free-form blog. I don’t have any kind of stylistic concept or theme that I’m trying to adhere to. If a series or episode inspires me to write a review, I’ll review it. If I have some important revelation about the medium at large, I’ll write an editorial or informative post. If I think of a terrible joke that I just have to share with the world, I’ll write a comedy piece.

Typically, the things I write will be pretty big-picture, and I’ll focus on things that I like or dislike about a show or franchise or trope or event or whatever I happen to be writing about, and more importantly, why I think those do or do not work. While I may occasionally try my hand at some in-depth analysis and read between the lines, that is simply not my strong suit. I have little to no background in any kind of literary or artistic analysis – I am a computer programmer. I tell computers what to do and they do exactly what I tell them, word for word, line by line, whether it’s what I want them to do or not; no wiggle room for interpretation. So I tend to see things very much on a surface level, very top-down, and what I see is what I write about. And what I write about is what you read.

Updates happen on a whenever-I-feel-like-it basis. When I think of something to write about, and have time to sit down and write about it, a post will happen. This is usually accompanied by a small “pop.” The thing is, when I have something to say, I usually have a lot to say about it, and it takes me a good deal of time to organize my thoughts, put them into words, and physically type them out. Because of this, I don’t expect to be able to churn out updates as quickly as others can, but I’ll try to break up longer posts into parts to help mitigate that (and keep me sane). In general, if I can get a post out every week or two, I’ll be happy.

This is my first time blogging, so… please be gentle, okay?

Who is BokuSatchii?

I am an anime fan. It used to be that I hated anime, but ever since about 2007, I have now transitioned to the much healthier attitude of hating myself for liking anime. Only with the Power of Friendship can I overcome this pain. The day I can no longer watch anime with friends is the day I will no longer watch anime.

My favorite anime are those that excel in building up either a cast of characters or a world that are slightly larger-than-life, while still down-to-earth enough that they are not completely alien. This lends itself nicely to psychological dramas, thrillers, and adventure series, with the occasional well-done character comedy thrown in for good measure.

Since characters are so important to my enjoyment of a show, I may as well make mention of the types of characters I like. My favorite female characters come in four flavors: stoic and mysterious, smug and elite, laid-back and content, or crazy and murderous. Male characters are largely the same, though it may be more accurate to replace “crazy and murderous” with “hotblooded and charismatic” and “laid-back and content” with “essentially a housewife.” I also enjoy lovable goofballs of either gender.

My favorite series are Haibane Renmei, Texhnolyze, Dennou Coil, Kaiba, and Monster.

How Can I Talk to You, BokuSatchii?

If for some reason you actually want to interact with me outside the confines of this blog, here’s how:
Email – satchiikoma *at* gmail *dot* com
Twitter – @satchiikoma
MyAnimeList – BokuSatchii

Or you can just leave a comment somewhere on the blog itself. That works just as well.

this picture brought to you by tokyo magnitude and satchan apple juice

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