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A Podcast in Which I Get Excited About Meganebu

Mr. Flawfinder has asked me (along with fellow blogger Lord Reiseng) to be a guest on the first episode of his series of “Anime That Everyone Disagrees With You On” podcast (a topic on which he is very well-suited to … Continue reading

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I’m Still Alive, and I Was on a Podcast!

It’s been a little while! I’m not dead, just busy, and having more ideas about things to write than I have time to write them. I was, however, more than happy to accept the invitation from my buddies Flawfinder and … Continue reading

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Down the Slippery Slope: Why I Collect Anime Figures

Froggy-kun over at Fantastic Memes wrote a post the other day asking “Anime Figurines – Are They Worth It?” My answer, as it is to most questions, is “it depends.” Many of the downsides are pretty obvious – they’re expensive, … Continue reading

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Top 20 Anime of 2013

After a barrage of really good series last year, 2013 stepped things back a little to take a breather, slowly working its way up from an empty winter season to a promising-but-disappointing spring to an acceptable summer before finally pouring … Continue reading

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12 Days of HOTBLOOD 2013, Day 1: Baron Ashura The Magnificent

NOTE: If you’ve seen Shin Mazinger Z, you noticed that there’s something I pretty blatantly handwaved over in my previous Mazinger posts. If you haven’t, I would heavily advise you to stop reading before the break unless you want the … Continue reading

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12 Days of HOTBLOOD 2013, Day 2: The Perfect Being

This is it! We’ve reached the epic final showdown – the final battle with the final Pillar Man for the Red Stone and the fate of the world.

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12 Days of HOTBLOOD 2013, Day 3: Grand Finale

The final battle of Shin Mazinger Z is so awesome that not only does it span the final five episodes of the series, it wraps around and reaches its ultimate conclusion in parts of episodes 1 and 2. And it’s … Continue reading

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