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Wish Fulfillment: What I Hoped Sword Art Online Could Be

I swore off blogging Sword Art Online after episode 15, the point when I realized that even trying to talk about it would be little more than an exercise in frustration, pain, and many wasted hours. The show’s skillful and … Continue reading

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Fall 2012 Season Review

It’s that time of the season. You know, the time when it’s over. So what better time to look back and check up on all those shows I’ve been watching? I can’t think of one.

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SAO Bug Tr- Ah, Screw It

About a month ago, when I first started this blog, I was planning on writing a series of posts about Sword Art Online and the various interesting aspects of the world that I wished it would explore in more detail. … Continue reading

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SAO Bug Tracker, Issue 0: Sword Farts Online

While the rest of the show has done nothing but stumble over itself in a manner reminiscent of only the finest of terrible fanfiction, Sword Art Online’s first episode had me legitimately interested. Sure there were some aspects of it … Continue reading

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