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Ace of the Diamond 6: Pitching to the Outfield

I seem to be somewhat lonely in the aniblogosphere in that I’ve been enjoying Ace of Diamond a lot so far (or really, in that I’m even watching it at all). It’s a rock-solid old-fashioned shounen sports series; it knows … Continue reading

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Video Girl Ai 6: Video Experiments L-Ai-n? (and other stories)

I somewhat recently watched a short OVA from the 90s called Video Girl Ai. I enjoyed it overall, even if I did have mixed feelings about the actual romantic drama that it built up, thanks to its well-acted cast and … Continue reading

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Space Bros, Episode 43: Brian Jay

This entire arc of Space Bros has been fantastic about building suspense in all the right ways. After a long, drawn out string of episodes this fall, waiting for Hibito’s rocket to launch and for Mutta to get his phone … Continue reading

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Hunter x Hunter 58 and Avatar 61: Dealing With Consequences

This post contains massive spoilers for both Hunter x Hunter and Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you have not seen the respective episodes of both shows, you may want to avoid this post.

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From the New World, Episode 11: Forgetfulness and Forgettability

In this week’s episode of Shinsekai Yori, the characters forget who Shun is. This is the most I’ve identified with any of them all series.

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