Down The Slippery Slope: An Introduction To Anime Figure Collecting


“Have you been eyeing those anime figurines at the Exhibit Hall booth? Are you interested in learning more about figure collecting and how to start or expand your own collection? This panel will discuss the basics of this growing hobby to help get you started, including a rundown of the different types of figures, where and how to buy them, what to do with your figures once you have them, and, perhaps most importantly, why anyone would even want to spend money on these little chunks of cartoon-shaped plastic.”

This panel was inspired by, and expands upon, my blog post: Down the Slippery Slope: Why I Collect Anime Figures

Presented At:

  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016
  • Sausomecon 2016
  • Naka Kon 2016
  • Sausomecon 2015
  • Naka Kon 2015