Serial Experiments Lain: Twenty Years of “Present Day, Present Time”


“Serial Experiments Lain was a series that landed at the perfect time; influencing and inspiring countless anime fans. Twenty Years after “Present Day, Present Time”; come together with other fans of this unique and historically significant cyberpunk title to discuss what made it great and why it continues to be relevant and resonate with anime fandom to this day.”

This is a discussion-focused panel, in which we ask the audience about their relationship with and takeaways from the show. There is still a presentation component to it, but it is mostly there to set a topic for the conversation.

The notes I took to prepare for this panel have been adapted into a blog post: Serial Experiments Lain: 20 Years of “Present Day, Present Time”

Presented At:

  • Fanime 2019
    • Co-presented with MoNgR3L and Lawmune
    • Listed in program guide as “Lain: 20 Years Of Present Day”
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018