Shooting The Moon: A Symphogear Panel


“Season one of Symphogear is about girls in mech suits powered by their own singing, who are trying to stop a mad scientist from blowing up the moon with a giant laser cannon. And for five seasons, it’s gleefully leapt even further off the rails. Newcomers and veteran fans alike are welcome as we explore what people love so much about this cult favorite, and why that one friend of yours keeps telling you to watch it.”

I’ve made an entire fansite based on this panel! Check it out here:

The intent for this panel was to talk about the background of Symphogear, how it came to be, its primary themes, what people love about it, and feature each of the main characters, summarize each season and introduce their villains, sample some of the musical content, and wrap things up with a heartfelt tale of what it was like to be a fan since 2012.

At AWA, I only ended up making it through everything up to and including the characters before I had to skip to the end. But what was important was the energy of the room, with everyone cheering, laughing, singing along, shouting out their favorite characters, and just generally being a bunch of Symphogear fans in one place. People shouting out things they wanted to see, only to erupt in laughter after seeing it was on the next slide. Talking in the hallway for TWO HOURS after the panel was over. I’m still trying to figure out if there’s a way that I can make this panel fit in the time slot, if I should expand it to 2 hours, split it into two panels, or what. But even missing about half the content, I think we managed to capture what Symphogear is all about.

Presented At:

  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019
  • Naka Kon 2020
    • 1.5-hour extended edition