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A Podcast in Which I Get Excited About Meganebu

Mr. Flawfinder has asked me (along with fellow blogger Lord Reiseng) to be a guest on the first episode of his series of “Anime That Everyone Disagrees With You On” podcast (a topic on which he is very well-suited to … Continue reading

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Top 20 Anime of 2013

After a barrage of really good series last year, 2013 stepped things back a little to take a breather, slowly working its way up from an empty winter season to a promising-but-disappointing spring to an acceptable summer before finally pouring … Continue reading

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All You Neeed Is… M-E-G-A-N–E~

THE POWER OF GLASSES has won me over. Where I had previously only continued past episode 2 of Meganebu for director Soubi Yamamoto’s bizarre choice of color palette, pointing out a lack of funny jokes and uninteresting characters to carry … Continue reading

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Fall 2013 First Impressions: Adding Some Color To The Weekend

First wave of light novel adaptations out of the way, it’s time to move on to something more colorful. The weekend brought with it a few potential sleeper hits, in addition to its heaping helping of sports anime. (Just don’t … Continue reading

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