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12 Days of HOTBLOOD 2013, Day 3: Grand Finale

The final battle of Shin Mazinger Z is so awesome that not only does it span the final five episodes of the series, it wraps around and reaches its ultimate conclusion in parts of episodes 1 and 2. And it’s … Continue reading

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12 Days of Anime 2013, Day 7: Ha na ga… Sai… ta… yo

Aku no Hana raised quite a fuss this year, about – quite predictably – the rotoscoped animation. I honestly thought the unusual style fit the show well, even if it could’ve used some more intense light/dark contrast like the manga’s … Continue reading

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Winter 2013 Season Review

And finally, the lackluster winter season has come to an end. I haven’t had much to say these last three months, as none of the new shows really stood out to me at all. Ultmately, while a couple of the … Continue reading

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Until Next Time, JoJo

With its 26th episode this week, may we bid a fond farewell to this first series of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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Top 20 Anime of 2012

It’s been a while since I posted my thoughts on the anime of the Fall 2012 season, so it’s high time I took a step back and reflected on the last year as a whole. It was a strong year … Continue reading

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12 Days of Anime 2012, Day 4: Sweat and Youth

It’s time to start my trio of Super Shounen moments of 2012, which has been probably the best year for shounen since… well, in a really long time. These next three entries are the shows that I’m so swept up … Continue reading

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Series Review: Kuroko’s Basketball

I haven’t been into basketball for years. It’s certainly been more than two since I last played, and even longer since I actually watched a full game. I’ve never really been into sports anime, either. As a result, I didn’t … Continue reading

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