Not only am I an infrequent anime blogger, I’ve also had the pleasure of presenting panels at conventions! I’ve been presenting regularly at conventions across the US since 2015 (though I technically helped co-present a few before then). I hope to eventually transfer the content from some of these panels onto my blog in some form; but until then, here’s a list of all the ones I’ve presented.

Shout-outs to my good friend MoNgR3L, who helped me get into paneling in the first place and has co-presented several panels with me, along with many more of his own (which you can find here:

anime-club-panel figure-panelscifi-panel lady-tiger-panel  robot-z-panel robot-history-panel beyond-high-school-panel shorts-panel worldbuilding-panel lain-panel2dreams-and-memories-panel rising-stars-panelstrange-panel symphogear-panel movies-panel hidden-gems-panel

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2020

Anime Lockdown Con 2020

Anime Central 2020 / Canceled ),:

Sakura-Con 2020 / Canceled ),:

  • Coming Soon!

Naka Kon 2020 / Canceled ),:

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019

Fanime 2019

Sakura-Con 2019

Naka Kon 2019

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Animazement 2018

Naka Kon 2018

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017

Sakura-Con 2017

Naka Kon 2017

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016

Sausomecon 2016

Naka Kon 2016

Sausomecon 2015

Naka Kon 2015

Anime Central 2011

Anime Central 2010