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Serial Experiments Lain: 20 Years of “Present Day, Present Time”

“I wanted people to understand Lain, the girl. Ultimately, I want them to love her.” -Yasuyuki Ueda Serial Experiments Lain came out in 1998, twenty years ago. It was the cusp of the new millennium, and the world was changing. … Continue reading

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Fall 2013 First Impressions: A Touch of Romance

As the fall season has been rather frontloaded, so has been my first impressions series. With all the biggest shows released in the earliest days of the season, things get noticeably more low-key from here on out. Interestingly, the shows … Continue reading

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Video Girl Ai 6: Video Experiments L-Ai-n? (and other stories)

I somewhat recently watched a short OVA from the 90s called Video Girl Ai. I enjoyed it overall, even if I did have mixed feelings about the actual romantic drama that it built up, thanks to its well-acted cast and … Continue reading

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Winter 2013 Season Review

And finally, the lackluster winter season has come to an end. I haven’t had much to say these last three months, as none of the new shows really stood out to me at all. Ultmately, while a couple of the … Continue reading

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Space Bros, Episode 43: Brian Jay

This entire arc of Space Bros has been fantastic about building suspense in all the right ways. After a long, drawn out string of episodes this fall, waiting for Hibito’s rocket to launch and for Mutta to get his phone … Continue reading

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